Soggy with a Sense of Accomplishment

This is the first post of Random Running Reflections, a place where I share thoughts and inspiration I find while running…

I woke up to 53 degrees and constant, light rain today. Not my idea of ideal running conditions, but I made myself a promise to continue running outdoors though Fall this year. With a half marathon on the books for January, I’m gonna need to train in the great NorthWest rain and toughen up. (Of course, I’ll reevaluate my outdoor commitment at the first sign of freezing precipitation, but for now, on go the running shoes!)

Weeks ago I purchased a Paradox, water-proof, running jacket at Costo for an amazing price. It’s a trendy, lavender, sporty, women’s cut and promises to keep me dry. So I figured it would be just the motivation I’d need when the actual rainy day arrived.

But talking about running in the rain and doing it are two totally different things. And this morning, a litany of excuses to stay inside rattled in my brain. Ultimately, I convinced myself to hit the trail. I tossed on my lululemon running capris, a billed cap, and a sacrificial pair of old running shoes. Then I ceremoniously zipped up my new, wet weather, deflector shield and felt a renewed sense of commitment. Off I went.

To my delight and sheer surprise, the rainy run turned out to be amazing. The temps were cool enough to keep me comfortable throughout my 6 miles, and the rain rolled off my head and torso like a duck. The Autumn leaves that remained on the trees provided gorgeous canopies of canary and emerald, crimson, maroon, and orange. Looking down, I skipped across carpets of vibrant colors that were created by the fallen foliage. And even the puddles had a cheery glimmer. Though I did my best to avoid them.

At the end of my run, I was thrilled that I’d decided to brave the elements after all. I was so close to convincing myself to wimp out, but if I had, I would have totally missed out. Motivation was the key to following through. And this time my incentive took the form of a simple new rain coat.

Today I learned that soggy with sense of accomplishment trumps cozy, warm and regretful any day.

Question: What will your motivation be to get you to do that one task you’d rather not (but need to) do? I challenge you to find it, and procrastinate no more! You can leave a comment by clicking here.