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HI!   I’m Davi Nabors, M.Ed., LMHC, NCC, better known as “Mom” to my two teenage sons and “Davi” to everyone else I’m blessed to know. Raising great kids and helping others raise great kids is my passion. For over 15 years I have encouraged and empowered thousands of parents, educators, children and teens through presentations, published articles, counseling and parent coaching. My main focus is to help families overcome in-your-face challenges by creating healthier, happier relationships that stand the test of time.

TriParenting.com is my website devoted to offering a fresh perspective and practical advice for parenting. From toddler (and teen) temper tantrums, to homework struggles, quirky behaviors and outright defiance, my goals are to help parents see they are not alone and offer solid strategies that can be put to work right away.

My posts reflect a unique combination of personal and professional experience. As a parent, I’ve trudged through trenches and celebrated amazing mountain tops. As a professional, I have formal education and training in psychology, counseling, and child development. I mix this all together to bring parents relatable and reliable information.

I typically post twice a week. If you want to be sure to not miss a post, please email me at TriParenting@gmail.com or complete the short FREE Sign up form, and the latest will be sent directly to you.


From parents to teachers to teens, I’ve reached the hearts and minds of thousands through presentations and workshops across Washington, Oregon and Texas.

Energetic. Genuine. Inspiring. Engaging. Funny. These are a few ways audiences describe my style and may be why I’m often invited back. With a variety of parenting-related topics tailored to fit the needs of any group, I speak regularly to public and private schools, moms groups, special needs groups, and churches with ministries that support moms and parents with kids of all ages.

Tweens and teens seem to think I’m pretty cool, too, (despite my being a mom)! Over the last 5 years, I’ve been a speaker and trainer for AWARE, a Vancouver, Washington non-profit that teaches kids about goal setting and making wise choices in a high risk world. We reach thousands of middle and high school students across the Northwest every year.

Special invitations have also led me to speak on a variety of inspirational and instructional topics to volunteer groups, sports teams, and Lunch Chats with middle school girls. I’ve also had the privilege of being the key note speaker at special school functions like mother-daughter teas, and holiday and volunteer appreciation events.


I have written extensively for Vancouver Family Magazine from feature articles on families, parenting, discipline, and relationships to Your Money’s Worth, a monthly column focused on frugal living and teaching children about money matters. And at a national level, Children’s Ministry Magazine published my feature, The Best Intentions: Instilling a Healthy Confidence and God’s Love in Our Kids One Carefully Chosen Word at a Time.


While I’m credentialed as a licensed counselor, I currently limit my practice to parent coaching. This approach seeks to equip parents with the tools and fresh perspective to successfully move forward in their parent-child relationship, rather than focusing historically on deeper-seated, underlying issues.


My incredible husband and parenting partner Will and I have been married 23 years. We’ve been blessed with two (now teenage) sons who keep us incredibly busy, a pace that is most natural to us. We live a somewhat rural lifestyle with our stray dog, a dozen chickens, and enough gardening to instill the joys of good, honest work in our boys.  New Heights Church in Vancouver, Washington is our church home, where we grow and serve together as a family. And, when I’m not cheering my boys on in life, I enjoy cooking fresh from our garden, shopping frugally, and snowboarding. To maintain my sanity, I train for triathlons and half marathons and sing in my car as if no one is watching.


Bachelor of Science (BS), Psychology, Texas A & M University
Master of Education (MEd), Counseling, The University of Maryland, College Park
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, (LMHC), Washington
Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC)

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