What’s TriParenting?

Parenting, like a triathlon or marathon, is a genuine test of endurance. Through it, we face unthinkable challenges, celebrate priceless victories, and learn more about ourselves than ever imagined. It’s a journey like no other. And to do our best, we’ve got to give our best. Our Personal Best. Not perfection. There’s a difference.Tidal wave

When I became a mom, I remember feeling a tidal wave of responsibility sneak up and crash over me. Suddenly, my college education and professional training in psychology and child development seemed no match for the open water. And despite my husband’s loving efforts to support me, I felt alone in an unfamiliar ocean. Determined, I began to swim fast and furiously.

Gasping for air, I approached the shore and could hear a crowd of other moms encouraging me and cheering me on. A renewed sense of confidence gave me the legs to hit the ground running. It wasn’t long before I joined their mom’s group, a play group, and a Bible Study. And to help keep me sane, I began to train for sprint triathlons. Real ones.

As I look back on the last 15 incredible years of being a mom, I find countless similarities between parenting and triathlons. From the physical training to the mental preparation and the journey itself, the parallels are striking and inspiring. That may be why so many moms are steering their strollers into the sport of endurance racing. And that is how TriParenting was born.

I invite you to join me in this blogging adventure. Here you’ll find encouragement and practical, proven strategies to be the best mom you can be. Professional advice and strategies for:

  •        Handling the biggest and most common parenting obstacles
  •        Preventing future problems
  •        Strengthening your parent-child relationship and keeping it strong
  •        Staying mentally, spiritually and physically strong healthy

The TriParenting Team

I learned the hard way that I’m an expert at making parenting mistakes! This is extra true when I try to parent alone. Even with the help of my wonderfully supportive husband, my weaknesses are no match for some of the challenges we face as parents. The truth is, we were never meant to parent alone, and the perfect parenting partner is just waiting for an invitation to join the team.

Yes, I’m talking about God, our Heavenly Father. And that is how TriParenting came to be. When I finally learned to allow God to help me on my parenting journey, I found strength, love, forgiveness and a role model like no other. I learned to rely on His perfect wisdom and direction, and I finally moved over to allow Him to lead. As the captain of my Parent-God-Child, TriParenting team,  He revolutionized my parenting. He offers the same precious gift to you.

Whether you’re an unbeliever, a baby believer (as I was when I had my first child), or you’ve been walking with The Lord for a long time, I extend a warm welcome to YOU. I’m honored you’re taking the time to check out my site, and I hope you’ll visit often.

Your comments are treasured, and your questions are, too. So please feel free to email me at TriParenting@gmail.com.

I post new material at least twice a week. If you don’t want to miss a beat, please subscribe via email or through the short FREE Sign Up form, and the latest will be sent directly to you.

I look forward to our journey together!


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